easy vaction house

Easy Vacation House

It’s team building season. And my team had just been to one of the most incredible and affordable resort/vacation house in the northern part of Cebu. We were at Easy Vacation House, located at the municipality of Sogod.  It’s a spacious rest house that we rented for 12000 thousand pesos.  It’s able to accommodate up to 20 people. The place… Read more →

Rock Paper Scissors Battle 4

Rock Paper Scissors

Last Friday night, my band RDBVKY joined a battle of the bands  held at KOA Tree House. And it was battle four/ Metal/Hardcore night.  Bands battle each other for the semi finals. 7 bands will be chosen in the finals for a chance to record their works on record label’s compilation album. And here goes the winners for that night:… Read more →

nux mfx 10

NUX MFX 10 Review

I’m a musician on a tight budget. And I want a multi effects processor that could give that As I Lay Dying/Chelsea Grin kind of guitar tone. The pros go for the expensive stuff. As for me, I go for something cheap yet dependable. So after I lost my rig (due to fire that caught our house, burning most of… Read more →